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Through this website we are documenting and sharing the development and detail of a 3 year research project titled Enabling Ongoingness: Content Creation & Consumption in the New Digital Age funded by the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) UK.

The project started in June 2017 and is an ambitious design-led practice-based  engagement  with  older  people,  carers,  people approaching the end of their lives and the bereaved, that seeks to design, develop and deploy a series of objects with digital capabilities that offer new ways for individuals to create content, curate the content that already exists from personal,  social  and  national  archives  (i.e.  television  programmes, tweets, blogposts  and  films)  and  enable  new  ways  to  consume that content to support sense of self and relationships with others in relation to the notion of ongoingness. We aim to reconceive how our digital content can be reappropriated through new tools to give agency to people and make the use of digital media meaningful in old age and in relation to mortality.

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I met some wonderful academics and filmmakers at the AHRC Workshop: ‘Connecting or Excluding? New Technologies & Connected Communities’, in Glasgow last week. Helen Manchester gave a keynote about her research on the Tangible Memories project and Parlours of Wonder. The work of Michele Aaron and Briony Campbell in the research Life:Moving Digital Technology and Human Vulnerability: Towards an Ethical Film Praxis was astonishing.

Design4Health: Our impressions

Design4Ongoingness Lab4Living recently held the Design4Health Conference in Sheffield. We welcomed 160 delegates from over 20 countries. It’s always inspiring to see and hear from people in both disciplines (design and health) who are talking the same language. I noticed an increase in presentations around dementia and end of life this time round and have … Continue reading Design4Health: Our impressions

Conversations about dialogicality and the notion of ongoingness

Jayne and I have been working on a spectrum of ongoingness – drawing from ideas that we’ve all had in group meetings and beyond as a way to aim to see an overarching conceptualisation of the notion of ongoingness. One of the main points we discussed was whether the ideas that are emerging in our … Continue reading Conversations about dialogicality and the notion of ongoingness

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