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Trails is part of our design exploration with Helen, one of our team members, and her grandparents who are both living with dementia. This exploration is part of the first phase of our project as we aimed to explore opportunities for ongoingness through reflecting on own lived experiences.

Trails allows a granddaughter to experience combinations of audio clips in specific locations that hold a personal meaning for the family. Every time she visits the locations Trails invites her to experience new audio collages. By revisiting these curated experiences linked to places in a familiar space, Trails aims to enable her to feel a sense of her grandparents and reconnect with them in this new situation, when she feels it is right for her.

Helen has been visiting her grandparents on an regular basis and has been collecting audio recordings and videos from her visits. On a later stage in the research, she curated clips from her grandparents that capture their traits and personality, specific things they like and family stories. These stories are experienced by interacting with the design artefact. In this series of photos and graphics you can see how we developed the concept and the design artefact.

Probes to evoke capturing and curating
Concept development
First shape explorations

Prototyping shape, material, method


Working walnut on the lathe

The final touches

The whole package

Written by Linnea & Nantia in Sept 2019