A design scenario: Deliveroo + UBER support dynamic and ongoinging relationships between between someone living and someone deceased.

A trigger such as someone bereaved being alone in the house for a long period of time could set a scenario in motion curated earlier by their deceased loved one - perhaps an UBER arrives to take the bereaved person to a special location which they would know was a message from their deceased loved one - because of the specificity or idiosyncrasy of the location. A Deliveroo rider brings something special for the occasion.

We believe that there are elements of the gig economy task that can be negotiated in very human way and we think it is worth exploring when we look at the frictions and potential of digital platforms such as Deliveroo and Uber or TaskRabbit. Many of us in the team are makers - discussing services as a material to work with and thought through the possibilities of working with them beyond the obvious level of what we know them to be. In order to deepen our understandings of this, we created design scenarios and storyboards to present/think through on how existing services could be woven into ideas of enabling dynamic relationships in different contexts. We also unpick the qualities of existing services and gig economy platforms in order to reveal the qualities of the services in terms of their materiality and identify “possible hacks”.