Jayne Wallace (Northumbria University, UK) is Professor of Craft and Wellbeing in the School of Design, Northumbria University. Her research explores the potential of design, contemporary jewellery, digital technologies, and co-creative acts of making to support sense of self across a range of complex health and social care contexts. Particular areas of interest include anticipating end of life, ongoingness in bereavement and personhood in dementia. She co-founded the Research Through Design conference series, is on the editorial board for the Design for Health Journal and co-founded the Journal for Jewellery Research. She is currently PI on the RCUK Enabling Ongoingness project.

Will Odom (Simon Fraser University, Canada) is Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University, where he is Co-Director of the Everyday Design Studio. His research group takes an interdisciplinary, collaborative, creative, and design-oriented approach to Human-Computer Interaction research. He has a keen interest in exploring what it might mean to design and live with more enduring technologies in the context of everyday life. His work has explored how objects and technologies support, and in some cases complicate, the peculiar ways in which we maintain relationships with the dead.

Corina Sas
(Lancaster University, UK) is Professor in Human-Computer Interaction and Digital Health in the Department of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University. Her research interests include designing tools and interactive systems to support highlevel skill acquisition and training such as creative and reflective thinking in design, autobiographical reasoning, emotional processing and spatial cognition. She has conducted design research on technologies for remembering, reflecting, sense-making and creativedesign thinking; and recently co-edited a Special Issue of Death Studies on Futures of Digital Death.

Kyle Montague (Northumbria University, UK) is an Associate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Northumbria University. His expertise and research interests include accessibility, wearable & mobile interaction, and healthcare technologies. His work explores the design and configuration of digital technologies to support participation and inclusion of marginalised communities.

Kellie Morrissey
(University of Limerick, Ireland) is a Lecturer in the School of Design at University of Limerick. A psychologist by training, her research interests lie at the intersection of health and politics in the design of digital objects in sensitive settings, including the use of virtual reality experiences in dementia, experience-centred approaches to designing for end of life, relational approaches to understanding the experiences of women undergoing menopause and online design processes for communities with chronic health issues.

Patrick Olivier (Monash University, Australia) is Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Monash University. He coined the term Digital Civics, a cross- disciplinary endeavour that explores ways digital technologies can support new forms of civic participation. He has particular research interests in human-centred design methods and the design and social computing frameworks for coordinated action. He has a long track record in the participatory design of digital technologies and services for the health and wellbeing of older adults.

Nantia Koulidou (Northumbria University, UK) is a design researcher whose doctorate focused on digital jewellery in micro-transitions. Her methods are rooted in craft practices and participatory design. She is a Senior Research Associate on the RCUK Enabling Ongoingness project that is exploring how to enable people in early stages of dementia, in bereavement and at end-of-life to create content that will intersect dynamically with that created by their loved ones in future years.

Wider Committee

We are supported by a larger committee of researchers who have agreed to provide guidance on the workshop’s activities and outcomes (including reviewing submissions and promoting the workshop within their networks):

Claire Craig (Sheffield Hallam University)
John McCarthy (University College Cork)
Stephen Lindsay
(Swansea University)

Anne-Marie Piper (Northwestern University)
Jon Rogers (University of Dundee)
Niels Hendriks (LUCA School of Arts)
Linnea Groot (Newcastle University)
Luis Carvalho (Newcastle University)
Wendy Moncur (University of Dundee)
Francisco Nunes (Fraunhofer Portugal)
Frank Vetere (University of Melbourne)
Shaun Lawson (Northumbria University)