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We have showcased (and demonstrated) a set of digital artefacts and non-digital methods we have developed to enable ongoingness in the context of bereavement, end of life, and dementia. These were part of an interactive pop-up exposition at the Newcastle city library around the theme Love After Death from November 4 – 9, 2019. Each artefact explores in a different way how to give new meaning to a relationship that has changed (bereavement - ReFind), is changing (dementia - Trails) or is about to change (end of life – Anew). Additionally we have Blueprints, which is a means to engage with, curate and alter digital media through a familiar crafting practice in order to discover new meaning in the photos of you and your loved ones.

Through this we were able to engage with a broad audience and talk about what it means for different people to maintain an ongoing and evolving relationship with your loved ones in these new situations, opposed to cutting ties with the past. We did this besides the works of Stacey Pitsillides and Audrey Samson who explore our afterlife and the afterlife of our data.

Written by Linnea in Nov 2019